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British GB4 Championship Driver 2022 Fiesta Junior Champion



Looking for professional racing tuition? Meet Sid, an experienced and skilled racing expert with a wealth of on-track experience. Sid's vast knowledge and expertise guarantee numerous benefits from his coaching sessions. Whether you're a novice or an experienced driver, Sid happily mentors all ages, making him the perfect guide for every racing enthusiast.

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person I'm Sid Smith, a seventeen-year-old racing driver. I started with go-karting at eight and won five out of eight races in the National Ministox. In 2020, I competed in the Fiesta Junior Championship, gaining experience despite the pandemic. In 2022, I won six races and became the 2022 Fiesta Junior Champion. I also secured two rookie podiums in the Ginetta Junior and Winter Series with minimal testing.

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Date: 02/02/24 - 03/02/24

Estoril went really well, right from the start. We were on the pace straightaway and in the top five throughout testing.

After an issue in qualifying and some bad luck in the race, we had to DNF due to some unfortunate contact. However, we’re really happy with the progress and the pace, and we are looking forward to the next two rounds.



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In 2022, Sid joined us for Ginetta Junior Winter Championship coaching, showcasing remarkable dedication. Transitioning to GB4 in 2023, Sid's commitment and eagerness to improve made him one of the fastest drivers on the grid. Aside from his impressive skills, Sid is a polite and likeable individual, making him a joy to have on the team. His future in motorsport looks promising.

Team Principal

Fox Motorsport

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I met Sid at the start of the 2023 season and he is immediately likeable. In new territory with single-seaters, Sid's progress was impressive, despite a few mishaps. Regularly scoring points, he came close to winning the last race, hindered by misfortune from fellow competitors. Sid's hard work, positive attitude, and ability to accept criticism suggest a promising future.

GB4 Engineer

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